Where does the time go?

One of my goals has been to identify 108 partners to email blast for the book.  So far I have 107 and now I am thinking 108 isn’t enough. Marci Shimoff launched her book, HAPPY FOR NO REASON, with 140 partners! (Luckily one of my partners has over 950,000 names on his list).

Each day I am meeting (or remembering) at least one person in my life who can participate in the launch of the book in some way.  For instance, by being a part of twitter.com I have met five new people who are now part of my email blast list of 108.

On Saturday I went through my rolodex to see if I could find any names from the past that would spark something.  I found an old PR friend who has now volunteered to use his resources and connections with the Rachel Ray show.  Fingers are crossed!

I have also created my ‘media wish list’ and sent it to my Harper One publicist, Suzanne Wickham.  I asked her to pitch everyone on the list and to join with me in consciousness in seeing it all happened. She readily agreed!

Last week on the www.everytingyoushouldknow.com monthly Teleclass I interviewed Mark Tauber, head of Harper One. One of the many things we discussed was which TV shows are really moving books these days. I was surprised to learn that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were among the top on the list (after Oprah and the morning shows of course).  If you missed the call, you can listen to it here:


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