131 Days to Go

In a little more than four months, or 131 days to be precise, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life With the Law of Attraction will go on sale. It’s now total crunch time.  Long-lead magazines are working on the February issues and if I want to be included now’s the time to be pitching. Harper One has assigned publicist extraordinaire, Suzanne Wickham, to work on my book. She now has galleys and will soon be pitching away.  As the author, it’s my job to make her job easier which means giving her feature story ideas and hooks for a wide variety of magazines. I just completed a 9 - question quiz and I plan to spend time this weekend coming up with story angles.  Earlier this week, while in New York, I videotaped my first two interviews on the book. The first was with the talented and beautiful Ariane of www.thefirst30days.com  She’ll post this interview in January. The second was with my publisher….the interview (thank you Lisa Sharkey) will be used to show TV producers as well as post on the Harper Collins website. I am still working on creating a list of 108 partners who will email blast for the book …so far I have figured out 95 of them. The plan is to have two blasts. The first in early December as a holiday/pre-order blast offering 3 or 4 great downloable bonuses so you can being the manifestation process NOW and then second will be the actual book launch the week of January 20th.  My goal is to reach at least 2 million (or more!) people with emails about the book.  One of the key ingredients of The Soulmate Secret is a tool I call “feelingizations.”  These are processes that allow you to feel in every cell in your body that which you wish to create.  Since we couldn’t include an audio CD with the book, these will be available, to download or listen to online, through a special URL for readers of the book.  They were recorded two weeks ago and are in final editing right now.  The website, www.soulmatesecret.com is also in development thanks to my partner Mike and his team.  One of the first sections of the site that needs to be completed is the “press room” which will have background information on the book, a jpg of the book cover (which turned out great), my bio, headshots (I sooooo need new headshots and I am promising myself right now to have them in hand before October 1st) and articles about the book as they appear.  Fortunately Awareness magazine did a cover story on me and Brian last May so we have one piece of positive publicity to begin with. One thing I always share with authors is: if one of your goals is to be on Oprah, figure out NOW what you are going to where….in fact, have two outfits hanging in your closet, ready to go when the call comes in.  This may sound like just a good exuse to go shopping but honestly it is something to prepare for.  With that in mind, I am constantly in search of the perfect pink or raspberry shirt or sweater. (I haven’t found it yet.)  Lastly, I’m still in search of a marketing intern with amazing computer and internet skills.

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