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“Even If You Can’t Write, Haven’t Started Or Only Have An’Inkling’ Of An Idea…

You Can Get Paid To Start Your Book FAST

(When I Give You Insider Access To The Publishing World)”

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From: Arielle Ford - La Jolla, CA
To: You, Future Full-Time Bestselling Author
Re: What The Publishing World Doesn’t Want You To Know

You have a message.

A message so powerful… you know it would change lives if you simply got it out, into the hands of millions of people.

Maybe you’ve recently fought through a dark, challenging time in your life… and you survived. You know many others are going through the same pain and suffering you went through. And, you know if you could share your experience, it would help them.

Or maybe you’re a tested, proven and battle-scarred expert. And something life-altering has just happened. A big shift. And you suddenly realized now is the right time to share your wisdom with the world.

It’s quite possible, even… You’ve discovered a new breakthrough in your life, industry, world… and after many late-hours of research, interviews with experts, and studying what few others have… you’re on to a new, profound knowledge that others need to know.

And that’s why you started writing your book.

Whether you’re sharing a message of personal growth, wealth, relationships, health, spirituality or a “how-to” book the world desperately needs…

You need to get your message out…

But there’s a big gap standing between your book becoming a bestseller. Many would-be authors have called me over the last twenty-five years asking about… “The Publishing World“… how do you get in?

You may have even tried “getting in” yourself, only to find that…

The Publishing World Is A Strange, Unfriendly Place Filled With Rejected Query Letters, Stacks of Ignored Book Proposals And Shady Agents & Publishers

I’m Arielle Ford. And I’m here to give you the book publishing and promotion blueprint, compass and roadmap.

In a moment, you’ll be empowered to navigate through this world… publish your book, launch it to bestseller status… and create the life you want as a full-time author.

Even if you’ve just put some ideas together in your head… or you’ve written bits and pieces, here and there…

It doesn’t matter. I can put you on the path to becoming a bestselling author.

How can I make such a bold promise?

Truth is, you’ve probably never heard of me before. That’s OK. Allow me to share a few things about me.

Today I’m the bestselling author of “The Soulmate Secret“, a relationship book translated into over 21 languages. 

I’ve been featured in USA TODAY (twice), Los Angeles Times, O (Oprah) Magazine, Redbook, More and First For Women. I even have articles on the top dating site… along with,,, and dozens of other sites.

And when my next book comes out… I am dead certain it will be just as successful.

How can I make such an outrageous claim?

It’s easy. There’s something you should know about me.

In a previous life, I was America’s #1 Book Publicist.

I didn’t give myself that title, by the way. My client of 15 years, Deepak Chopra, did.

When I was “inside” the book publishing and promotion world… My client list was a “who’s who” of the personal growth, self-help and relationship markets.

But here’s the thing…

Many of them were not on the “who’s who” list at the time they came to me. Their books were not blockbuster bestsellers… yet. Quite a few of them were even “brand new” to authoring a book.

But they came to me because I had a proven track record of getting authors on the NY Times Bestsellers list…

I consistently got coverage of my client’s book in Publisher’s Weekly, Newsweek, People Magazine and O.

For TV, here are some pictures of my clients on Oprah and the Today Show.

I also got my clients on Good Morning America, Larry King Live, CNN, Time Magazine and even the NY Times.

The reason I tell you all this…. is not to brag. I simply want you to understand… my experience in book marketing is rock-solid…. and I have strategies you can repeat and follow.

I can show you exactly what I did to build the careers of these authors.

And if you want to publish your book with the intention of it becoming a #1 worldwide bestseller… I have something very exciting to share with you. I’ll tell you more about it later…

I’ve been blessed to work with influential authors like…

  • Deepak Chopra
  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Jack Canfield
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Don Miguel Riuz
  • Dean Ornish
  • Louise Hay
  • Gary Zukav
  • Neale Donald Walsch
And many, many others…

First, maybe you’re thinking…

What About Self-Publishing?
Can You Skip This Whole Mystery Of Publishing And Promoting Your Book?

Yes, it’s true — publishing your own book is getting easier and easier…

In fact, there are several websites that will print your books out “on demand”. (You’ll never have a garage filled with boxes of your books… sitting there, doing nothing).

And with a few simple clicks, you can be a “published author” with a book in print… which is great if that’s what you want.

BUT! You’ve got to ask yourself a serious question as an author.

Are you here to print out a book… ?

Or are you here to get your message out to as many people as possible, selling millions of your books around the world… and becoming a #1 bestselling author making six to seven figures?

If you just want to be “a published author”… by all means, leave this page now. However… if you want it all, keep reading…

Why Getting Published The “Old Way” Is Still The “Only Way” To Bestseller Status

Here’s the truth…

According to a recent article in USA Today, 82% of all Americans want to or intend to write a book some day. 82%!

And with all these cheap, easy and flexible book printing companies popping up… nearly everyone on Earth is writing a book.

In fact, there were over 867,000 self-published books last year (And I’ll bet you those numbers will keep going up).

And that doesn’t even include the millions of eBooks published on Kindle, Apple iBook, personal websites and other platforms!

So the question you’ve got to ask yourself is…

How many self-published titles did you read last year? (None?)

Now, think about this as well…

Most of these self-published books are being sold online.

And as unbelievable as this may sound, Amazon ONLY sells 7 - 10% of all books sold in America.

That means nine out of ten books are still being bought at your brick-and-mortar bookstore.

Now if you’re like me, you buy all your books online these days… so the idea of going to a store may sound foreign to you. You may be even wondering how this could be since Borders went bankrupt recently…

But the numbers don’t lie.

So you need to ask yourself this…

Do you want to be one of almost 900,000 self-published books online where only 1 in 10 people are buying books…

Or do you want to be one of the few authors to be truly published, selling books where 9 out of 10 people go shopping for books?

Simply put, if you want to be a bestselling author...  you need to be INSIDE BOOKSTORES.

Of course… this may sound like a VERY SCARY idea.

After all, if you go this route… you have to find, hire and work with literary agents, publishers, editors, publicists, media people. Without pulling any punches, I’ll admit… it’s a lot more work than pushing the “print” button on or

But I’m here to help you SUCCEED BIG.

That’s what you want, right? You’re here on earth to play a bigger game!!!

That’s why I’m going to give you, right here on this web page…

Three Big Publishing “Secrets” All Future Bestselling Authors Need To Know About

The first BIG publishing secret is…

If you haven’t written a single word of your book yet… PERFECT!

You need to start SELLING your book first... before you write it. How do you do this? You start with your book idea, fleshed out and outlined.

You get the attention of a literary agent with a solid, well-written QUERY LETTER.

A query letter is like bait. You want to see if your book is worth pursuing first.

Now, maybe you’ve started writing, or you have a manuscript already. That’s fine too. Just understand we may have to do a few edits with it.

The second BIG publishing secret is…

Three weeks. That’s an important time-frame to remember.

What does it mean in the publishing world?

It means this. From the FIRST DAY your book, your baby… hits the bookshelves in stores around the country…

You have exactly 21 days to SELL OUT your books, before they pack it up, tape it up and send it back to your publisher with the stamp of “failure” on it.

It’s sounds harsh, cruel and unusually cold…. but unfortunately, publishing is a high-stakes game. Shelf-space is premium real-estate.

But don’t worry… because I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do to SELL-OUT those crucial first three weeks.

Because BIG publishing secret #3 is…

A lot of would-be authors think the media will come swarming to interview you, invite you to talk shows, give you tons of publicity… if only your book was a best-seller.

Well, you may want to ask yourself…

How does a bestselling author become a bestselling author in the first place?

The author chased the media first.

Here’s the big secret of those “first three weeks”. YOU swarm the media. You strategize with your publicist to create as much buzz as possible for your newborn book… with an all-out media-blitz campaign

Of course, I’ve only given you the “tip of the iceberg” here…

But these three secrets are HUGE.

  • You now know to test out your book idea first… saving a lot of heartache and hard work.
  • You also know you only have three weeks before your newborn gets sent back… and if you want to give it every chance in the world…
  • You work with a publicist to pummel the media and create major BUZZ for your book.

I’d like to share more of my book publishing secrets with you, but since becoming a bestselling author myself…

I started to get real busy with promoting my own books... getting my own media attention… and living my own life as a full-time author.

So a few years back…

I Decided To Retire From Book Promotion And Publicity (It Was My Time To Shine)
But Then This Happened…

At this time, I had just made friends with a top Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur named Mike Koenigs. Mike owns a multi-million dollar business teaching people to become highly-paid social media and video marketing consultants.

He’s worked with  dozens of celebrity clients & NYT bestselling authors like Paula Abdul, Harvey Mackay, Tim Ferriss, John Assaraf and many, many more.

And when I told him about my plans to retire…

Mike said to me, “Arielle, you can’t just quit! You have to share your knowledge of publishing with authors everywhere! They need it.

I knew he was right.

Authors everywhere deserve to share their message… but too many are kept outside the publishing game. It’s a world that’s happy to keep its secrets.

Before I left this world to pursue my own dreams of becoming a bestselling author myself… it was my cosmic responsibility to share my knowledge.

Over coffee at Mike’s San Diego office, we hashed out a plan. The fastest way for me to get my knowledge out (to authors like you) was for Mike to interview me on video.

In fact, I loved interviewing so much… I asked nine other friends, colleagues and experts to share their knowledge. I’ve asked top literary agents, publicists, publishers and many others. Top people I’ve had relationships with for ten, twenty years or more.

I also invited three author-clients who’ve gone from zero to seven-figure businesses as author-experts. One of them is excelling in cryptocurrency trading and into promoting automated bitcoin trading bots like bitcoin up and similar ones. Watching my interviews with them will give you a “template” to model after.

And then… I also “fattened” the package with proven samples of press materials, my golden rolodex of insider contacts and a whole lot more.

The samples are the exact same pieces I’ve personally used to get my clients on Oprah, in Newsweek, and in other top media outlets.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating and testing these pieces… working with highly-paid consultants, copywriters, publicists in my time.

As for the rolodex, it’s fifteen years of networking inside the industry… figuring out who’s good and who’s not. You can hire the wrong people and it would cost you THOUSANDS in dollars and WEEKS in time… or you can refer to my trusted circle of colleagues.

Frankly, without meaning to sound arrogant…

I’ve put together the most comprehensive, complete and most-up-to-date home study course on publishing your book available. It’s simply called the Everything You Should Know package.

And if you’re serious about becoming a bestselling author, you need review what’s inside my course…

The Core Basic Course:
Everything You Should Know About Book Publishing, Promoting And Publicity

There are five video interviews in the Core Basic Course in Everything You Should Know. They are…

  1. Everything You Should Know About… The Publishing Game
  2. Everything You Should Know About… Building A Platform
  3. Everything You Should Know About… Everything You Should Know about Becoming A Highly Sought-After Speaker
  4. Everything You Should Know About… Publicity & Promotion
  5. Everything You Should Know About… Selling Your Book Online

Let’s go over them in detail…


Everything You Should Know About The Publishing Game

With Arielle Ford & Mike Koenigs

What are agents, publishers and publicists? What do they do? How do you reach out to them? In this first video, Mike interviews me and asks the core, basic questions every author should know about the publishing world. I’ll show you…

  • The truth about self-publishing in the 21st century. It’s no longer the red-headed middle-child of the publishing world… but there are still many, many pitfalls to look for.
  • Three BIG reasons why you should still go the “traditional route” of working with an agent, publisher and publicist.
  • The myth of the “overnight success”. How bestselling authors come out of “nowhere” and soar to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.
  • The one success factor every single bestselling author has that practically guarantees bestseller status for every one of their books.
  • Two mistakes that will ensure the worst, possible failure of your book. Beware especially if you’re successful in business or you’re busy “all the time”…
  • The ins-and-outs of finding, hiring and working with a literary agent who will fight tooth-and-nail for you.
  • One little simple website you MUST have to triple, quadruple and even make ten times more than what you get from your book sales.
  • A surprising truth about getting paid your book advance… and why you can’t depend on it to pay the bills.
  • Six questions you need to be able to answer off-the-cuff when playing the “Publishing Game”your success depends on it.
  • Why the actual writing of your book is the last thing you should worry about… and in fact, something you don’t even need to do to become a bestselling author. Instead, you need to nail your “P” and “Q’s” down instead.
  • ONE super-simple strategy to becoming a bestselling author in any market (relationship, business, self-help… it doesn’t matter)even if you’re not an expert right now.
  • How to get 15-20 results-driven, BIG SUCCESS case studies for your book in just ninety days. When people see proof it works, your book literally flies off the shelf.
  • Increase your daily book sales simply by subscribing to People Magazine, USA Today and watching at least one news show a day.
  • You should make all technology-driven payment methods available for book purchases, since this will broaden your customer base. Purchasing books with Bitcoin is a new trend that is simple to do and has recently gained popularity. Bitcoin usage has risen in tandem with Bitcoin trading volume. The increase of cryptocurrency trading has led to the rise of Bitcoin usage. The News Spy is a well-known automated trading bot that aims to make the trader get extra profit. This bot can also be beneficial to inexperienced traders. Bitcoin Payments are considered to be quick, safe, and secure. Simply by implementing the aforementioned approach, you can increase your daily book sales.
  • Protect your book from “well-meaning” agents, editors and publishers… who want to change your title, book or even your core messageby quickly and easily creating “hard market data” they can’t say “no” to.


Everything You Should Know About Building A Platform - The Must-Know Secrets To Publishing Success

With Arielle Ford & Mike Koenigs

About eight years ago, I was meeting with the CEO of one of the largest publishers in the country. There were stacks of books and manuscripts EVERYWHERE. And I asked him, “How do you decide what books to buy?”. He looked at me with a very straight face and said, “Arielle, I don’t buy books. I buy platforms.”

What is a “platform”? It is, in my opinion, the most important factor to you becoming a successful, wealthy bestselling author. The quick definition of a platform is your “branding and fan base”. It also determines how much money you will make as an author.

In this interview, I’ll share with you…

  • The very first thing you must do to build your platform. Over 90% of authors don’t do this… and if they do, they do it half-heartedly.
  • What you must have as one of the last pages in your book. Not including this crucial page could mean leaving $100,000 to $250,000 a year on the table.
  • The old “book-and-platform” riddle. Which came first? The book or the platform?
  • How to start building your speaking career… a “side-business” to your bestselling book that could make you up to $50,000 or more for one hour of work on stage… where to find, land and get paid for gigs… how to organize your topics… and much, much more.
  • Does your dress and appearance matter as an expert-author? Mike can actually predict his sales figures based on what he wears on stage! You must hire a “X” for a day to get your “look” right.
  • Why you want to practically give away all the information in your book… and strangely enough, the law of the universe says: “You will sell more books”. Here are the two reasons why.
  • Jack Canfield once said, “The average income of the five people you spend the most time with is your income.” I disagree with that… find out why and how it affects you success as a bestselling author.


Everything You Should Know about Becoming A Highly Sought-After Speaker

With Jon Gordon

Speaking engagements can make you anywhere from $10,000… $20,000… even upwards of $40,000 - $100,000 and more for one hour of work. Your ticket in? A bestselling book.

In this interview, I chat with one of my best clients, Jon Gordon, who went from no speaking experience to a million dollars a year in a very short time.

You see how he got his start with three simple pieces of paper… the “rule of 80″ to getting good while getting paid… failures and pitfalls he narrowly escaped…

…Why you shouldn’t chase after speaker bureaus and instead, wait for them to come to you… and the one burning desire you must have in order to succeed as a million dollar speaker.

By watching every step of Jon’s meteoric rise, you can easily model after him.


Everything You Should Know About Publicity & Promotion

With Arielle Ford & Mike Koenigs

Once your books hit the store shelves, the clock starts ticking. You have three weeks to sell out before they ship your baby back and call it a “failure”. The fastest way to move books is with publicity… that’s getting on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines… for interviews and reviews.

In this important video, I’ll tell you how to find, reach out and get these interviews

  • Eight pieces of information you must have in the “media” section of your website… for reporters and journalists to know you’re a serious player they would interview.
  • A quick way to find the right and best publicist for your book using Google creatively. You won’t waste time interviewing the publicists who aren’t the right fit for you.
  • How to get more TV and radio interviews by watching reality shows.
  • The importance of “media training”. Without it, you can easily become blacklisted from all network and cable television interviews.
  • The real reasons why you hire a book publicist… and how to find one at your price range to get where you want to go.
  • How I find, approach and ask TV/radio producers and magazine editors to promote my book for free… starting with my unique “opening line”, then my “30 second pitch”.
  • Why you should be cautious about interviewing on Internet radio shows.
  • The one question I end every call to the media with… which leaves them floored and become eager to work with me. It works for TV, radio and print.
  • What you should NEVER do if you want “big name” endorsements (like Wayne Dyer or John Gray) for your book. Instead, you may want to consider a shovel, bowling pin or picture frame. I’ll explain what I mean in this interview. ;-)
  • A sneaky way  to connect with “big names” in your market using Facebook and Twitter… it’s not what you think.
  • Five things you should never wear on a TV interview… you’ll may never get booked again if you commit these “TV fashion crimes”.
  • Get anything and everything you want as an expert-author-speaker using the same strategy Arielle used to land clients like Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and more.


Everything You Should Know About Selling Your Book Online To Earn Big $$$

With Evan Marc Katz

The unfortunate truth of writing a book is, even with a NYT bestseller and showing up on major TV networks… it simply doesn’t make you a fortune. Evan is a perfect example of this. He’s been featured in nearly all major media outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Today Show, CBS Early Show and many more… and yet, he barely made enough money to pay the bills.

(This is why we talk about the platform, and how to leverage your book for speaking and other income sources in Everything You Should Know).

For Evan, he discovered how to sell eBooks and courses on the Internet and has since built a money-making empire. In this interview, Evan reveals step-by-step, how to start putting your expertise online…

  • The most important asset you can build on the Internet… this one thing gives you the ability to “sell books at will when properly nurtured.
  • A difficult decision Evan made to “push away thousands of customers in order to make more money online.
  • The economics of selling online: You can easily sell “books” for $47… add down sells for $27… and even up-sells for $197. And you keep a good chunk of it! (Compare this to selling a $15 “real book” in a store where the publisher pays you $1).
  • How to hire a team of web and graphics designers to build your website, and run all the technical aspects of marketing your book onlinefor absolutely free.
  • A secret website where thousands of booksellers are ready to promote, market and sell more copies of your eBook without you doing a lick of work.

These five videos are everything you need to get started.

However… if you’re serious about selling millions of copies of your books, getting your message out to as many people as possible, changing as many lives as possible

And making a six, even seven figure income as an expert-author-speaker while having the time of your lifein the FASTEST, POSSIBLE WAY…

You need to review my nine video interview series (included in this package):

Fast Track To Number One Send Your Book To Bestseller Status Even Faster

In the Fast Track To #1 Course (included inside your Everything You Should Know package) you will get the secrets to…

  1. Interview With The “Bestseller Maker”: How To Hit #1 On Amazon The Day Your Book Comes Out
  2. Promote Your Book On TV, Radio & Print For Free
  3. Book Proposal Secrets
  4. How To Get A Six Figure Advance
  5. Perfecting Your Message & The Writer’s Mindset
  6. Using Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to Build A Loyal Audience
  7. How to Get Your Press Releases & Articles Picked Up
  8. Finding A Top Literary Agent That’s Right For You
  9. Creating The Career Of Your Dreams

Let’s go over these nine interviews in detail…


Interview With The “Bestseller-Maker”: How To Hit #1 On Amazon The Day Your Book Comes Out

With Peggy McColl

Publicly… Peggy McColl is a New York Times bestselling author with eight books to her credit, translated into 31 languages, sold in 80 countries around the world.

But what very few people know is in certain circles, she’s known as the bestseller maker. Using her strategies, Robin Sharma’s “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” went from ranking #911,342 to #1 on in one day!

In this very revealing interview… Peggy McColl shares the exact same five-step strategy she uses to get top tier clients to #1 on Amazon like Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford and Neale Donald Walsch.

Now, you may be thinking… don’t brand names like these names automatically get on bestselling lists? The surprising answer is “no”. They hire Peggy McColl.


Promote Your Book On TV, Radio and Print For Free

With Heidi Metcalfe

Everyone knows getting on National TV means an instant flood of sales. Heck, just getting your book mentioned means you become an overnight bestseller. But how do you get on TV shows and Radio programs? How do you get journalists to interview you and review your book?

Heidi Metcalfe is a book publicist who’s worked with Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins and currently Harper One. In this interview, Heidi shows us…

  • What’s changed about how Big National TV affects book sales and which shows have the most impact
  • Four local television markets to focus on outside of L.A., New York and Chicago
  • Which newspapers and magazines you should target for reviews
  • How to get “an in” with journalists, top bloggers and editors to review your book
  • Why competing authors (who write in the same market as you) can end up being your best allies in book promotion


Book Proposal Secrets of Successful Authors

With Linda Sivertsen

I call Linda Sivertsen the “Author Whisperer.” She holds her Carmel Writing Retreat… where people who have no idea what they want to write come and leave with winning ideas that land them top agents and book contracts.

In other words, she has this magical ability to hone down your message to a powerful hook. Exactly what book proposals need. In this interview…

  • The TEN basic elements of a book proposal: cover letter, hook page, overview, “About the Author” section, market section, promotion section, c_________ section (what publishers consider the most important one), delivery of the manuscript, legalities and chapter summaries.
  • The five sub-categories in your Promotion Section of the book proposal… and what numbers and stats you want to put under each one.
  • What timeline is considered reasonable for the “delivery  of the manuscript”. Getting this wrong often means a rejected book proposal.
  • How the 140 character Twitter world of shortened attention spans affect the length of your book proposals. How long should they be, without losing interest?


How to Get A Six-Figure Advance

With Susan Harrow

Susan Harrow works with a lot of VIP’s, celebrities and authors… and excels at getting fat, juicy six-figure advances from publishers before anyone writes a single word of the book.

In this interview, she reveals the four essential things you have to have lined up in order to get those kinds of advances… how to expand your platform with alliances, speaking and social media… how to write a bestselling book title…

Also… how to get “big names” to endorse your book… what publishers expect you to  be responsible for more than ever in the 21st centuryhow to grab the attention of the media without writing your own sound bites…

Andwhy you MUST have a literary agent to land six-figure advances… the three things publishers, editors and agents are looking for (it has nothing to do with your writing your book)… the one kind of training you wouldn’t expect a bestselling author must go through (but you must)…


Perfecting Your Message & The Writer’s Mindset

With Laura Munson

Laura Munson is the New  York Times bestselling author of “This Is Not the Story You Think It Is”. Before that, she had over 14 unpublished novels to her credit. In this revealing interview, we talk about why her first 14 books did not “go anywhere” while her first non-fiction book took the world by storm.

She’ll also share what it’s been like to become a bestselling author, how it’s changed her life, the kind of work she does now and her “process” from beginning to end. As you watch this interview, take lots of notes. You’ll get a feel for what it’s like to be a full-time bestselling author… as you “prep” your mind to step in Laura’s shoes.


Using Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to Build a Loyal Audience

With Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield wrote the book on Facebook. I’m not kidding. It’s called “Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies” and you can buy it in bookstores. Amy has worked with Harley Davidson, top real estate moguls, celebrity chefs and Fortune 500 companies.

In this interview, you’ll get a handle on how you can use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote yourself and your book…

  • What are the four social networks you must be on as an author? (We’ve listed three already, what’s the fourth?)
  • The one thing authors must do online — whether they’ve written a book, or are about to.
  • How to create “buzz” before you release your book. Publishers will LOVE you for this.
  • Can you sell books on social media? The answer may surprise you.
  • The one marketing job no author can outsource. Ever.


How To Get Your Press Releases And Articles Picked Up

With Dan Janal

Before you can show up on TV, Radio, newspapers and magazines… you need to be able to write and distribute press releases. I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to interview than Dan Janal. With over 25 years of  PR experience under his belt, Dan Janal is the president and founder of PR Leads Plus. His clients have  been featured in nearly every major newspaper and magazine including the New York Times, Forbes, Fox Business and The Wall Street Journal. In this interview, we’ll talk about…

  • The three kinds of authors Dan meets every day. Two are destined to fail in publicity. Are you the third kind?
  • What you need to know about online press releases and how journalists, reporters and editors use them today.
  • How to create, write and send out press releases…  even when you’re not doing anything “newsworthy”! In fact, Dan will share how you can send one out every month of the year using a simple directory.
  • What never to put in your press release headline. Journalists will skip over your press release in a heartbeat. Guaranteed.
  • Three groups of people you MUST contact the moment you get written up in media.


Getting a Top Literary Agent That’s Right For You

With Margret McBride

Margret McBride’s initial success as a literary agent began in 1981 when she represented a little known book called the “One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. (It’s now in its 25th year as an international bestseller).

Today, Margret is the owner and president of the Margret McBride Literary Agency. In this interview, she shares her passion for her work and what you need to look for when shopping for and hiring a literary agent for your book.

We’ll cover topics like…

  • Get the “inside story” on how Margret met Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson… and all the challenges they experienced when they published the “One Minute Manager”… you see first-hand what the process is like as an author yourself.
  • The number one tool bestselling authors have for editing their books for “bestseller-ready-status”.
  • The fastest way to ruin all your book marketing and publicity campaigns. Avoid This.
  • Why Margret doesn’t care about the NYT bestseller’s list. She’s much more interested in _____ which makes her authors’ more successful and wealthier.
  • One time, Margret asked her assistant to count the number of query letters her office got in one year. It was 6,000. How do you write a query letter that stands out against the other 5,999?
  • What a literary agent does for you exactly. From finding a publisher and editor… to negotiations… to running interference(?)...
  • Three questions you must ask a potential publisher to see if they’re the right fit for you.


Creating The Career Of Your Dreams

With Marcia Wieder, Dream Coach

Marcia Wieder is an incredibly successful author, speaker, expert and the founder and CEO of Dream University. She’s authored 14 books, appeared on Oprah and The Today Show several times, and has her own PBS national television special “Making Your Dreams Come True”.

As president of the National Association of Women Business Owners… she has had the ear of presidents for several decades now from Jimmy Carter… to Ronald Reagan… to George Bush Sr.

In this life-altering interview, Marcia will dig in with you and clarify, magnify and sharpen your purpose… not just as an author, but as a human being. You’ll start to build a commitment and conviction so deepyou’ll be able to talk to anyone, any place, any time about your expertise, book, your dreamin a way that touches and inspires them. And even more powerful… you’ll be able to stand stronger in the face of doubters.

The job of an author can be a very lonely and isolating experience. A large part of your success depends on your integrity to yourself. I personally believe this is the most important interview in the entire Everything You Should Know package. A bestselling book starts with the author standing behind it. YOU.

I’m Also Including…
Proven Samples Of Everything, And Recordings
of The Book Marketing Event of 2010 & 2011

319 Page Manual
The Everything You Should Know Manual
Transcripts, Guides, Articles, Tips, Samples

As if the 5-Video Core Basic Course and 9-Interview Fast Track to #1 Course were not enough… I’m also giving you:


  • Transcripts of all fifteen videos in both the Core Basic and Fast Track to #1 courses… perfect for reviewing, marking up and skim-reading.
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to becoming a successful author in today’s publishing industry. Let me put the mountain of information I’ve given you in an easy-to-follow order… so you can take action the moment you get the course.
  • My Favorite Articles… on viral book launches, best-selling author tips, writing book proposals, “one sheet” tips, hints and samples… The Dos and Don’ts for pitching talk shows… and more!
  • The “Everything You Need” Collection of Sample Press Material… this may be the “golden key” of the entire Everything You Should Know package. In here are proven sample press materials you can borrow, lift and steal from in your own marketing. It’s got stuff like…
    • Sample Pitch Letters
    • Sample Press Releases
    • Sample Media Voicemail Scripts
    • Sample Author Bios
    • Sample Questions & Answers
    • Sample Interview Questions to provide to the media

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on these materials… paying top consultants, copywriters and publicists… testing out which letters worked the best… and personally, slaving over press materials that got attention. You get all this included in the Everything You Should Know package.

That’s not all… I’m also throwing in…


Watch How Top Bestselling Authors “Carry the Stage”

With Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff & Debbie Ford

Speaking from the stage is one of the greatest multipliers of wealth when you become a bestselling author. When you have a published book, you can leverage it for speaking engagements worth $2,000… $5,000… and even $40,000 to $100,000 for just one hour of work.

That’s why it’s important you start studying how master authors command the stage to promote their message. And that’s why… I’m including three of my favorite presentations in the Everything You Should Know package.

Watch how top authors like Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff and Debbie Ford establish presence, build rapport, engage the audience… and lead them through a journey on stage. Your ability to do the same gives you the right to ask $50,000 per speaking engagement without blinking your eyes.

(Of course the actual content on these presentations themselves are solid gold, too. Listen to the detailed, true story of how Jack Canfield made the Chicken Soup series the multi-million dollar business it is today… the five things Marci Shimoff does every, single day to promote her books… and how Debbie Ford breaks through limitations as an author)


21st Century Book Marketing Live Event 2010 & 2011

Six Jam Packed Days of Book Marketing Expertise With Special Guests

Mike Koenigs and I decided to put together a book marketing event with the world’s top agents, publicists, publishers, marketers and authors. We both pulled in some old favors and got some of the most influential people to share their best stuff on stage.

When you invest in Everything You Should Know… you will get an all access pass to every recorded minute of this powerful event from the past two years.You’ll hear from special guests like... Arianna Huffington, Mallika Chopra, Harvey Mackay, Nicolas Ortner, Nancy Duarte, Neil Strauss, Russell Bishop, John Assaraf, David Perozzi, and many more. You’ll also get a wealth of NEW & REVOLUTIONARY author-business building tips, tactics and strategies like…

  • How to turn your book or expertise into multiple products and… build an “information empire” online worth millions…
  • Cutting-edge ways to market your book using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and social media sites you’ve never heard before…
  • 21st Century “High-Tech” ways to leverage your brand, expertise and book… including blogs, podcasts, video blogging, webcasts and more…

Oh! And  I have to mention this as well. At this event, we had a very special guest, Carmine Gallo. Carmine has spent the last several years studying the most influential and powerful stage presentations in history. From Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg, to Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream…” speech, to Steve Jobs launching his latest Apple products like the iPod or iPad.

This is a “must-see” presentation… if you intend to speak on stage about your book and expertise… collecting a fat five-figure check each time you do.


Why Your Investment In
“Everything You Should Know”

If you add it all up, the Everything You Should Know package (which includes the “Fast Track to #1″ Advanced Course and ALL the recordings from the last TWO years of the 21st Century Book Marketing event, is worth a total of $5,885.

There’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t charge $5,885 for the knowledge in this package. After all, several would-be authors (including myself) have taken out second mortgages, begged our family for money and carried huge debt… just to put our books in print… only to discover the Publishing Game is a whole other beast waiting to eat us alive.

And while the experience gave me a “street MBA” in publishing... (launching an exciting 20 year career working with Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and so many more)… I would not wish the same horrifying self-publishing experience on my worst enemies.

And I certainly do not want you to go through the same trial-and-error with your book.

If you’re serious at all about becoming a FULL-TIME #1 bestselling author, you already know… you need this course. And that’s why I will be providing you with an incredibly generous discount. (More than 83% OFF!)

And when you truly think about the value of you investing in Everything You Should Know…

  • It’s less than…  a very small print run of your book…
  • It’s less than…  sending out a few proper press release campaigns…
  • It’s less than…  all the paper, ink and Starbucks coffee you’ve consumed (or will consume) in writing your book so far…

All of which… will be “work in vain” if you don’t know how to get your book out there, published and promoted the right way. (Remember, you only have three weeks to sell your book before the stores send it back and call it a “failure”!)

Of course… I know money is tight. We’ve only just started to recover from this economy and I want to make sure as many authors as possible can get their hands on Everything You Should Know.

That’s why I’m also offering a “stripped-to-the-core” version of Everything You Should Know… The “Gold Edition”. It still has everything you need to navigate the Publishing Game… you may just not get there as quickly.

However, when you review the two packages below, I’m sure you’ll find what’s the “best fit” for you.

Let’s review what’s inside the Everything You Should Know packages…

EYSK Gold Edition

EYSK Platinum Edition


Everything You Should Know About…

1. The Publishing Game

2. Building A Platform

3. Becoming A Highly Sought-After Speaker

4. Publicity & Promotion

5. Selling eBooks Online

The “FAST TRACK TO #1″ COURSE (Value $1,997):

1. The Bestseller Internet Marketing Strategy

2. Promote Your Book On TV, Radio, And Print For FREE

3. Book Proposal Secrets

4. How To Get A Six Figure Advance

5. Perfecting Your Message & The Writer’s Mindset

6. Using Facebook, Twitter & YouTube To Build A Loyal Audience

7. How To Get Your Press Releases & Articles Picked Up

8. Finding A Top Literary Agent That’s Right For You

9. Creating The Career of Your Dreams

THE EYSK MANUAL (Value $997):

1. Interview Transcripts (All 14 For Platinum, 5 For Gold)

2. Samples For Queries, Proposals, Press Releases & More

BEST-SELLING Author Video Presentations (Value $497):

21st Century Book Marketing - Videos (Value $397):

Total Value

Your Investment Today

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What’s The True Cost Of Not Getting Your Book Published And Promoted?

Let me ask you a question…

What’s the true cost of not getting your book publishednot in the hands of people whose lives you could change for the better… and your message not out in the world?

What will it cost you personally by having your manuscript in the drawer, your ideas in your head and… family and friends constantly, persistently asking you at every holiday gathering, every social event, “Hey, how’s the book going?”

What regrets will you carry by not living up to your potential of becoming a full-time author-expert making six to seven figures… working on your schedule… travelling the world and speaking on stages for 5-figure checks?

I can tell you it’s not even close to your heavily discounted investment in Everything You Should Know.

You’ve probably heard of this old Zen riddle before…

“If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it fall… does it make a sound?”

That’s the riddle you have to ask yourself. Will your book “make a sound”? Or will it fall quietly on deaf ears in the forest?

When you invest in Everything You Should Know, I will give you every tool and tactic to make the BIGGEST sound possible with your book.

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If you’re serious about getting published, changing the world with your message and making six to seven figures as an expert-author… you already know the Everything You Should Know package will give you EVERYTHING you need to play the Publishing & Publicity Game and win.

Many authors have tried to self-publish, sell online or get publicity themselves. You may have heard of the 0.0001% success stories, but the reality is… most of them ultimately lost tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars and wasted a lot of time.

You will avoid these mistakes.

I’ll make it simple for you. Get Everything You Should Know. Review it. Study it. If you can honestly say you don’t feel “armed to the teeth” with the know-how, tactics, strategies, formulas, steps, samples, rolodex and clear path to becoming a #1 bestseller, speaking in front of millions and making six-to-seven figures doing it…

…Then give me the word and I’ll refund every penny you invested in Everything You Should Know.

In fact, let me make it COMPLETELY risk-free for you. I want you to be 110% satisfied with Everything You Should Know. If you review the course, and get thousands of useful tips and tactics… but still feel it’s NOT worth the money you paid for itASK FOR A FULL REFUND… even if it’s the last day of the 30-day guarantee. I will honor it, no questions asked.

This is how strongly I believe in my course. You will not see a guarantee like this anywhere else, I assure you.

All the risk is on me. Review Everything You Should Know in full, discover the in-and-outs of the Publishing and Publicity game… and still return the course for any reason if you don’t like it.  Get your copy of Everything You Should Know now. Click on the link now…

Will Your Book Get The Recognition It Deserves And Change The World For The Better By Spreading Your Message?

Or Will Your Manuscript Sit In Your Drawer?
(Even Worse… Stay In Your Head, Never To Be Voiced?)

It’s quite simple.

Whether you’re writing, about to… or you’ve already written your book… you need to start planning your marketing and publicity strategy.

You only have three weeks once your book hits the shelves. If your books don’t literally fly off the shelves, bookstores everywhere will be put your baby in a cardboard box, tape it up and send it back to your publisher.

Did you do everything you could to nurture your book? To give it the running start it deserves? To bring it to life in this world?

It begins with getting it in the right hands.

Everything You Should Know will take you from step one of finding the perfect literary agent… to working with the right editor and publisher… to building out a marketing, media and publicity campaign that skyrockets you and your book to the top.

I remember listening to a John Maxwell CD once. He was relating a conversation he had with a publisher… about the books he wanted to write. But instead of saying “write” he said “birth”. “Books just waiting to be birthed,” he said.

What a great way to describe the book you’re writing. Birth.

Question is…

What are you doing to give your book, your baby, the best, possible chance of growing, thriving and living?

Invest in your copy of the Everything You Should Know package now. Click on the link now…

With Love and Warmth,


Arielle Ford
Creator of Everything You Should Know
Former Book Publicist to Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch and more…
Currently International Bestselling Author of “The Soulmate Secret” available in 21 languages

P.S. Remember, it’s easier to self-publish than ever these days. The technology makes it possible. But you need to ask yourself a very important questionAre you here to simply put a book in print… Or are you here to touch, inspire, move and change lives with your message… while getting paid full-time to do it?

If it’s the latter, you know you need to get “insider knowledge” to the publishing and publicity world. Get your copy of the Everything You Should Know package now. Click on the link now…

P.P.S. Almost forgot. For the first 101 future bestselling authors to invest in Everything You Should Know (Gold or Platinum package), I am also including the following eight bonus free gifts

BONUS FREE GIFT #1 - Video Training (Value $997)
How To Make Millions As An Author On Stage With Mike Koenigs

As I had mentioned… most authors (even bestselling ones) don’t make enough money to quit their jobs and write full-time. In fact, did you know… less than 1% of published books sell 50,000 copies or more? That’s not what I want for you. Not at all.

That’s why you must watch this video with Mike Koenigs. He is an expert at “selling from the stage”. What does this mean? There are essentially two types of speaking: One, you get paid a flat-fee to speak. That’s what we talked about in video #3 with John Gordon. You can get paid anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000 or more. The second type of speaking is called “platform speaking”. This is where you don’t get paid any flat-fees. Instead, you sell a product to your audience and share the revenues with your event organizer.

What do you sell? As an author, you can simply turn your book into a 7-CD course, DVD-set or “package”. With the right audience, “platform speaking” can pull in $75,000 to $200,000 or more with one presentation.

In this invaluable two-hour presentation, Mike dissects the exact same presentation he’s presented hundreds of times live, on webinars and teleseminars and webcasts… honed and tested over five years…. accounting for 8 figures in sales easily. (Yes, eight).

When you review this video… you will see each and every step to creating your very own million dollar sales presentation. Watch as Mike goes through all 93 slides in his 115-minute presentation… giving you the hows, whys and behind-the-scenes, under-the-radar sales tactics he subtly puts in.

Several trainers who have mastered and perfected “platform speaking” regularly charge $15,000 to $25,000 to train you on the art and science of “selling from stage”. You get this FREE in the Everything You Should Know package! 

BONUS FREE GIFT #2 - Video Interview (Value PRICELESS)
How Tim Ferriss Became A Two-Time NY Times #1 Bestselling Author

Mike Koenigs and Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss hardly needs an introduction.

Known for inspiring a near-revolution with his first book, The 4-Hour Workweek, Ferriss’ most recent book, The 4-Hour Body, also hit #1 on The New York Times Best-sellers list shortly after its release.
Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss
One of publishing’s biggest seven-figure superstars, Ferriss is also a master book marketer.

In my in-depth and surprisingly candid interview with him, Ferriss shares his entire marketing and book launch strategy for The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Workweek.

He explains how he uses the Internet to launch his books onto the bestsellers lists, why relationships are the KEY to big-time success, and his unconventional “take” on email marketing.

Ferriss also elaborates on best practices for building your platform—and which type of social media is best for building a relationship with your readers.

(Hint: It’s not Twitter.)

This is the stuff legends are made of—and you get this FREE in the Everything You Should Know package!

BONUS FREE GIFT #3 (Value $97)
Mike Koenig’s Speed Reading Course By Mike Koenigs

What if you could read a book in 30-120 minutes… with almost 100% comprehension? Best part, it’s easy, takes half-an-hour to learn and it’s done in five simple steps. Sounds unbelievable? Mike Koenigs has spent years studying the best speed reading, comprehension and learning optimization courses out there. Mike now regularly reads two to five books  a week.

Can you imagine how much research, background information and whatnot you can cover as an author? You’d speed through it all and still have time to write. This course is FREE for you when you invest in Everything You Should Know today.

BONUS FREE GIFT #4 - Questionnaire (Value $27)
Harvey Mackay 66 Questionnaire By Harvey Mackay

Harvey Mackay is a legend. He’s written some of the most widely published business books, several hitting #1 on the New York Times list. Some of those books include Swim With The Sharks, Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt and Dig Your Well Before Your Thirsty.

Harvey is also the owner and founder of MackayMitchell Envelop Company. One of America’s largest envelope manufacturers, which sells over four billion envelops a year. How did he grow his business so big, so fast? In one word: relationships. In two words: building relationships.

This is the exact same skill set you’ll need to fast-track your career as an author as you build relationships with agents, publishers, publicists and media contacts…. like TV and radio producers, newspaper editors and website owners.

In Harvey Mackay’s 52-year career as a envelop manufacturer he’s developed a set of 66 questions you must know the answer to for your most important contacts. It’s the kind of “deep knowing” that will make people instantly like, trust and work with you.

Imagine… calling up any TV producer or top magazine editor, and getting an interview, instantly. You’ll get a copy of this exact same questionnaire FREE when you invest in Everything You Should Know..

BONUS FREE GIFT #5 & #6 One Month Access (Value $97 each, Total Value $194)

One Month Access to Instant Customer AND Traffic Geyser

As you’ll discover in Everything You Should Know, the most important thing you can do to guarantee your success in becoming a bestselling author is to build a platform. And one of the most important parts of a platform is your email list.

That’s a list of loyal fans and followers who get your email newsletters, announcements and updates on a regular update. There is no better software for handling this than Instant Customer.

One of the cool things about Instant Customer is how you can get people to subscribe to your email newsletter with by text messaging you on their cell phones!

You’ll get one full FREE month of Instant Customer to try out and see if you like it before you commit to anything.

But you can’t build an e-mail list unless you know how to drive traffic to yourwebsites… where it’s your blog, lead capture site or sales pages. And frankly, drivingtraffic is an entire week-long course by itself. As an author, you may or may not want tolearn about traffic… so I’ll make it easy for you.

Mike Koenigs has graciously included ONE FREE MONTH in his powerful traffic getting system called Traffic Geyser. All you have to do is make short videos, blogs and podcasts… about your expertise or the book you’re working on… and Traffic Geyser will help distribute them to over 100 different (and highly influential)websites… all pointing back to your websites!

Traffic Geyser is used by some of the top marketers in the world. You get a free one month trial when you invest in Everything You Should Know. Get YOUR MESSAGE and EXPERTISE out there, be everywhere… and build your loyal fanbase.

BONUS FREE GIFT #7 (Value $47/tele-class)
Book Marketing Tele-Class

You’re going to love this. When you invest in the Everything You Should Know package, you will also get access to our ongoing book marketing tele-class.

For every tele-class, I invite a top expert, author or producer to come share their best ideas on how you can grow your business as a bestselling author.

In the last few months, we’ve had experts come on and talk about…

  • Mobile Marketing for Authors — Can iPhones and Blackberries sell books?
  • Why EVERY Author Must Blog — The Fastest Way To Build A Platform
  • The “Bestseller Blueprint” — A Step-by-Step Guide
  • How to Write Signature Sound Bites — The Media Will LOVE You For Them

BONUS FREE GIFT #8 (Value $97)
Mastering Storytelling—The Lost Art of Powerful Persuasion

Storytelling is a skill authors must master to achieve the level of success they deserve.

Whether in your book proposal, book, or on-stage presentation, storytelling is a technique that guarantees your content stands out from the crowd, and above the competition.

And no one has spent more time studying (and mastering) storytelling than Bo Eason.

You may recognize his name from his years in the NFL, but the truth is, Bo is also an actor and master presenter who continues to captivate audiences in powerful and persuasive ways.

In this video interview, you’ll learn why some stories are so compelling, and how you can use well-constructed stories to attract a bigger audience, and become a master communicator both on stage and in writing.

All in all, when you add up the value of all eight bonus FREE GIFTS, it comes to $1,459. But it’s all FREE when you invest in Everything You Should Know today.

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If for any reason you feel you haven’t gotten value for your investment… if you can honestly say my blueprint and roadmap to becoming a bestseller is not good enough… then ask for a full and complete refund. I’ll give you back every penny. I promise you that.

But I don’t think you will. Everything You Should Know is frankly… everything you should know. It’s not the most clever title, but it’s 100% true. You will know the exact steps, planning and strategy to becoming a #1 bestselling author after you review this course.

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