Looking for the hooks.

This weekend I re-read every word in my book. It was the process of seeing the “final pass” where I had one last chance to correct any imperfections. I only found a few things to fix but the big benefit was that I fell in love with my own book. I know that may sound strange but this book really provides everything that I know works when it comes to using the power of the Law of Attraction, whether its for love, or any other part of your life.

In the book I share the story of how ten of my friends used the Law of Attraction to manifest their soulmates. I realized that these powerful, true stories will serve as great inspiration on the soulmatesecret.com website. (which is under construction). So, I spent the day writing mini versions of these stories and emailing my contributors asking them to send me their wedding photos to include on the site with the stories.

Now, not only do I have extra, juicy content for the website, it will also provide ideas and hooks for media types visiting the site AND…I can promote my contributors by linking to their websites. A triple win. I just love triple wins.

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