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We all know how important endorsements or “blurbs” are. Below is the copy I am using in my cover letters as I begin asking for blurbs for The Soulmate Secret. As you will see, I’ve kept it relatively short but very personal and hopefully engaging. Big name authors get asked all the time for blurbs. Chances are there is an assistant who will see your letter first. If you can engage the assistant it will certainly help your chances for success. I sent the letter below with a copy of the galley. If you don’t have a galley then send a bound manuscript and a small gift that relates to your title. For instance, with my book I could have sent a pretty picture frame with a photo of a happy couple (that could clearly be used by the recipient for their own photo). If you can’t think of a gift that makes sense, I think a small box of Godiva chocolates is always appreciated. Why send a gift? You want your book to stand out in the pile of other books that are requesting the same thing. In the Everything You Should Know program we discuss lots of other ways to approach bestselling authors for blurbs. One more thing: do not ever ask for a blurb via email with your manuscript attached.

Dear Favorite Author, (use their formal name)

Do you remember August 9, 1998? That was the day my beautiful summer wedding came about because I had used everything I’d ever learned about manifestation and applied it to my love life. My intentions had became crystal clear while I simultaneously cleared out the clutter in my house AND in my heart. I used techniques, rituals, visualizations and prayers that helped me prepare my body, mind, spirit and home for an amazing relationship. It all worked.

Over the years many single women have asked me, “how do I get a Brian?” (he’s my amazing husband) I decided to share my techniques and 18 months ago launched Earlier this year the editors at Harper One saw The Soulmate Kit and made me an offer. Thus, my forthcoming book will be, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love of Your Life with The Law of Attraction (January 2009).

I have enclosed the galley in hopes that I can convince you to write an endorsement for this book. (or, to let us write it for you to edit)

I’m know you get dozens of these requests on a weekly basis so I won’t be upset, or surprised, if you are just too busy….but, I’ve got my fingers crossed!
And, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Best wishes,


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