Announcing the "Everything You Should Know"
Affiliate Challenge

In this issue:

  • Interactive online lessons
  • Get your own discount coupon code
  • A customized sell sheet and coupon you can give away
  • Get a custom link to link to you
  • Lesson: how to embed graphical coupons inside an Outlook email
  • Three income generating tips anyone who does affiliate marketing should know

From: Mike Koenigs, San Diego, California

This is Mike Koenigs. I'm the producer of Arielle's "Everything You Should Know" program (EYSK from now on).

Arielle and I wanted to give you an incentive to increase your marketing efforts for EYSK with a contest and some new tools.

To make the EYSK product easy to sell, we're going to give you a bunch of new tools to use including:

"Here's How to Get Started"

1. Fill out the form below.

2. We'll send you a custom coupon code and your destination link by e-mail. Be patient – we'll make them as fast as we can. We'll strive to get you set up the same day!

3. Visit the affiliate training page to create your custom sell sheet and coupons

4. If you need anything from us to help you sell, JUST ASK! Visit the affiliate suggestion box and we'll help you out!

IMPORTANT: Please Read These Directions Carefully So We Can Get You Your Tools Quickly!

Provide Your:

  • Affiliate ID (included in the e-mail message you received for this)
  • The name you wish to use in your custom destination page. Please provide two or more options in case your first choice is already taken.
  • Type your NAME and E-MAIL address you used when you signed up as an affiliate.

We'll create your custom destination page and a discount coupon code for you as quickly as possible.

E-Mail Address:

Your Name:


More Ideas!

PS: If you have any ideas or suggestions you'd like to make regarding banners, letters, coupons, offers or whatever to make the affiliate program better, go to and tell us what they are.

Sally Baker from Scottsdale Arizona provided some great banner ad ideas and an awesome product idea too!

PPS: If you have a database of 5,000 customers or more, Arielle will consider doing a custom teleseminar for your list. Send an e-mail to info at and we'll get back to you quickly.


Send Someone to the Web Site, Get Credit FOREVER

Did you know that if you send someone to the Everything You ShouldKnow web site and they sign up for the free newsletter and come back to buy the product EVER, you'll get full credit for the sale?

Furthermore, if they just visit the site once and return to buy, you'll receive credit too!


“AFFILIATE TIP #2”, Recruit Affiliates!

Did you know that if you recruit someone to become an Everything You ShouldKnow affiliate, you earn $15 for EVERY SALE THEY GENERATE?

If you know anyone who manages a large database of writers, have them contact us or sign up to become an affiliate.

We'll take care of the rest!


“AFFILIATE TIP #3” The Power of "Frequency

Did you know that most people don't buy a product by direct mail or e-mail until they've received 3-5 letters or "impressions" first?

If you only sent a single message to your database and they didn't convert the first time, mention the product again. We're all busy and overwhelmed with lots of information and offers.


“AFFILIATE TIP #4”: Use Direct Mail

Did you know direct mail is 20 times more effective than e-mail? That's according to legendary copywriter, Gary Halbert. So if you have a "snail mail" database, now is the time to consider sending letters or postcards to them.

According to direct marketing statistics, the most effective mail strategy is to:

  • Send mail in a white, first-class letter
  • Hand-address the letter if possible
  • Use a real stamp, preferably a “special” collectible or artistic one
  • Use blue ink
  • Stuff something inside the letter (like a teabag) to make it “puffy” (we all want to know what's inside a puffy envelope!)
  • Hand-write a short note on the outside of the letter

Write a short intro letter telling someone why you recommend the product. If you want a sample testimonial, visit the "leave a testimonial" page for ideas.


“AFFILIATE TIP #5”: Send Banner Links in Your eMails

If you want to send e-mails with banners that go to your link page, go here to watch a short "how to" movie that shows you how.


“AFFILIATE TIP #6”: Print PDF Files at No Cost

If you want to create Adobe Acrobat PDF files on a Windows computer but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for the software, there's a solution you should get PDFCreator. It's free and works like a charm.

(Important: We do not provide support for this product. If you need support or help, please consult with your local computer support person or contact the author of the software directly.)


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