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Affiliate Training Calls:

Training Call 1: Introduction to the Everything You Should Know Affiliate Program

You can download and listen to the 1st affiliate training call here:

Click these controls to play the coaching call on this web page. Play time is 47 minutes

In this recording, you'll learn:

  • How the affiliate program works
  • When and how frequently you get paid
  • How to send coupons, discounts and links to your list with e-mail and from your web site
  • How to access and print your own “sell sheets”
  • How to get a custom “destination” link on the Everything You Should Know web site so you can send your customers to an easy to remember and type location
  • How to overcome price resistance
  • How to take advantage of our “Two tier” affiliate program and what it is
  • How to set up joint venture relationships with list owners if you don’t have one yourself
  • Where to get sales letters that are pre-written that you can easily modify and send to your list so you don’t have to write one from scratch
  • We’ll discuss the effectiveness of direct mail compared to e-mail
  • And answers to listener questions including this example:


"Can we subscribe to your newsletter and send it out to our own list with our affiliate link included?"

The answer is YES! Brilliant idea!

Your #1 goal as an affiliate is to get people to the Everything You Should Know web site. Instead of asking them to buy, just tell them they should join Arielle’s “Bestseller Tips and Strategies” newsletter. Once they subscribe, we’ll do the work by giving them great ideas on how to succeed as an author. When they buy the program, you get paid – whether it’s tomorrow, six months or a year from now!

Our online store takes care of all the tracking and details and you can log in and check your statistics anytime. Everything is completely automated!

Just be sure you request your custom destination link so you can send people to an easy to remember location like instead of a "standard" affiliate link that's hard to remember.



Training Call 2: New Product Announcement

Click these controls to play the coaching call on this web page. Play time is about 50 minutes

You can download and listen to the 1st affiliate training call here:


In this recording, you'll learn:

  • About our latest product, "How to Start Writing a Book"
  • How to get new coupons
  • How to send coupons
  • Information about upcoming products
  • Requests for your suggestions and ideas


If you have ideas or suggestions for the next call, please send them to us!
(Note: this link will open a new window in case you're listening to the call)

Use the following resources to learn tips and techniques designed for you. If you want something or have some ideas you'd like us to implement (banners, graphics, sales letters, etc.), please visit :

The Links:

List-Building Goodies:

For Photoshop Users (advanced):

PC Users -- If you don't own "Adobe Acrobat" software and want to create your own PDF version of the Sell Sheet, check this out:

If you want to create Adobe Acrobat PDF files on a Windows computer but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for the software, there's a solution called "PDFCreator". It doesn't cost a penny. Important: We do not provide support for this product. Use it at your own risk.

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