What is Preventing You From Achieving Your Dream of Becoming a Published Author?

In this special course, You'll learn how to...

  • Get real clarity on your dreams & visions
  • Overcome obstacles, such as fear & doubt, in reaching your dream
  • Get practical solutions to take action on your dreams
  • Break through your limiting beliefs about time & money

By the end of the recording, you will be “in action” on a dream that you are passionate about (even if you don’t know exactly what your dream is)

For those of you who don't know Marcia, here's some background information:

As America’s Dream Coach®, Marcia Wieder is known for giving inspiring talks to notable companies such as AT&T, The Gap and American Express and is the renowned author of several books dedicated to achieving your dreams.

Appearing several times on Oprah and The Today Show, she’s shared her message of a “passion-filled life” with millions of viewers. Equally exciting, was her PBS national television special, Making Your Dreams Come True®, the namesake of her popular selling book, which has also been translated into numerous languages.

While serving as the President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, she was often invited to the White House, where she had the honor of meeting former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. As a columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle, she urges readers to take “The Great Dream Challenge”- a call to arms for dreamers from all walks of life.

Marcia inspires thousands of people through her "Become an Inspiring Speaker" Workshop, Dream Coach certification and Maui Dream Retreats.

Whether she’s teaching at the Stanford Business School, speaking to executives in China, or to young women gathered at Girl Scout Camp, Marcia’s belief that “each of our personal dreams matter, and are worth achieving” strikes a chord in everyone, everywhere.

The recording lasts approximately 48 minutes.

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Note: This recording is noisy at the beginning - bear with us, it gets better.

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If you're interested in Marcia's programs ...

"Marcia's right! You have to be able to identify what you really love and what you really want before you can get it."

(From Marcia’s appearance on) Oprah Winfrey

"If you’re ready for results, you’ve come to the right place. I totally respect Marcia Wieder’s work."
David Bach, #1 bestselling author,
The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich

Marcia is willing to share 3 specific programs with you as a special offer for my subscribers:

1. Win A Week in Maui – No purchase required

2. Become An Inspiring Speaker

3. Become A Certified Dream Coach

How would you like to spend a week in Maui learning the skills of manifestation from a master? Now imagine that it didn’t cost you anything to get there!

Enter to Win A Week in Maui learning how to make any dream come true, including writing or getting your book published. This includes airfare, ocean view room and attending a small group seminar with Marcia.

If you are ready to launch or take your career to the next level, check out these two great programs with Marcia

Become An Inspiring Speaker Workshop - Your ability to articulate your ideas with passion, clarity and succinctly is essential. Learn to capture your audience, whether it’s for a paid speaking engagement or to pitch your concept to agents and publishers. If you have a story or important message that you want to be heard, I recommend you attend this powerful workshop: link to speaker workshop

Dream Coach Certification Program - Many successful professionals combine speaking, writing and coaching, or some aspects of each to create a viable career. If you are interested in becoming a coach where you are being paid to help others achieve their dreams, I encourage you to take a close look at this program: link to DC certification

In addition to great content and faculty, what sets Marcia’s programs apart is her solid business knowledge and marketing expertise. In an intimate setting, world-class experts share secrets and shortcuts that will help you be paid well for doing what you love. When you register, be sure to write that you heard about these programs “From Arielle” and you’ll save $100. As Marcia said and I agree, demonstrate that you are more committed to your dream than to your doubt or fear, by taking action today.

A few more testimonials:

"Personally and professionally, the time I spent at Dream Coach University was one of the most profound weeks of my life. I found my compass - my path in life. I highly recommend it!”
Maureen A. Ford, Editor, Choice Magazine for Coaching

“Forget wishing on stars and rainbows, Marcia really shows how to make dreams come true.”
Rieva Lesonsky, Editor, Entrepreneur magazine

"Thank you for your inspiration, words, energy and DREAMS! What an incredible event. I'm seeing life with new eyes."
Gary Maricich, Architect/Artist

"Marcia and her work are masterful. The dream process she teaches has forever changed my life personally and professionally in a profound way."
Maronda Yocum, Business Owner

While you're listening to this call, here's something to read...

I LOVE presenting these teleclasses and helping authors succeed. Over the past year, I've interviewed eight industry professionals and discussed everything from:

  • The most frequently asked questions new authors ask me
  • How to get a book agent
  • How to get a six-figure book advance
  • How to self-publish yourself
  • How to write articles editors love to print
  • How to get your book to #1 on Amazon.com
  • Everything you need to know about working with a literary agent

I'd like your help with something. If you've ever thought of writing a book but haven't known where to start, I'd like you to take the first step.

I'll give you TEN reasons why you should act right now:

  1. There are few things in life more satisfying that getting published and seeing your book in a store or Amazon.com
  2. You'll experience a remarkable sense of accomplishment just knowing you can do it
  3. You'll immediately gain the respect and honor of being an author
  4. You'll gain "access" and introductions to a new group of professionals, friends (even celebrities) that were previously untouchable and unreachable before
  5. You'll get calls and requests for interviews and publicity as an expert
  6. Being a published author makes it much easier to earn more money, increase your rates and salary no matter what your job or profession is
  7. Improve your lifestyle and personal life
  8. Business, opportunities and people will seek you out instead of the other way around for endorsements, projects, speaking engagements and partnerships. Wouldn't it be nice if someone was knocking on your door instead of the other way around?
  9. And once you write one book, it's much, much easier to write the next one!
  10. Your self-esteem will skyrocket! Just ask any author!
  11. The list of benefits goes on and on...

I will give you all the tools and guidance you need to get started.

Please let me explain...

I've spent over fifteen years in the publishing business, working with some of the most successful authors in the world including eleven who made it on the NY Times Bestseller List. If you've read the letter on this site, you already know that.

What I want you to know is I've summarized the most important information into an easy to use course that includes five audio CDs, a 180 page reference manual and twelve bonus gifts valued over $1800.

One of these bonuses is I'll answer THREE of your most burning questions. (This bonus alone is worth more the price of the course.) My normal rate for a four-hour one-on-one coaching session is almost $4,000.00 (trust me, I get it too). My minimum billing rate for e-mail quesetions is $250.00.

If you're wondering what you'll learn in the course, here's a small sampling:

  • The foolproof ways to get published
  • The insider secrets to promoting your book
  • How to launch yourself in the media
  • How to build that critical "platform", the combination of all the things every successful author needs
  • My war chest of tools… including letters, press material and contacts that have taken me 15 years to build
  • And instant access to over a dozen bonus gifts including TEN recorded courses that answer nearly every question I've received from brand-new and seasoned authors

To get started, all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of Everything You Should Know, click the order button and I'll rush a copy of the toolkit to you right away. Most orders are fulfilled in 24 hours.

There's absolutely no risk. I protect you with a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

If you've ever had a burning desire to write a book but don't know where to begin, this is the best way to get started. I have hundreds of satisfied customers who are well on their way to building their careers as authors, experts and speakers.

You owe it to yourself to start living your dream as a published author. Take the first step today, order your personal copy and give it a fair try.

You really have nothing to lose -- except another month, year or decade knowing you didn't take the first step towards fulfilling your dream by writing your book and getting published.

Please take the first step and give yourself one of the greatest personal gifts you will ever experience - the opportunity to write and publish a book.

Or, you can get the package for just three easy payments of $167

Click here to get Everything You Should Know
for only $167 per month for three month

To your success, happiness and fulfillment,

PS, if you're NOT ready to take the next step, I really want to know why. Will you tell me?

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