Marketing my own book….now I begin.

Welcome to my personal blog.

My intention is to share with you my step by step process for marketing my book, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with The Law of Intention (Harper One) which comes out next January (it’s based on the work I did on The Soulmate Kit).

It’s been several years since the release of my last book and since then I have witnessed the amazing evolution of internet marketing as a way to sell books. I also plan to pursue traditional PR outlets but Like most of you, I have a full time job (doing PR & Marketing for Spiritual Cinema Circle and Earth Cinema Circle) so I will be working on this project at night and on weekends.

I began yesterday (Sunday afternoon). I spent about 3 hours thinking about what I need to make this all happen and ended up making four lists.

One of the main ways I plan to promote this book is through a series of email blasts and I want to find 108 partners to help me with this. So far I have 61 people on this list….mostly friends and business associates…I’m looking forward to connecting with each one of them and asking them to support my book launch.

The second list made up of old and new friends who work in PR that may be willing to help out in some way. The third list is names of well- known people I plan to ask to endorse the book and the fourth list consists of things I may (or may not) ask those contributed stories to my book to do in order to help sell books. For the next few days I will keep adding to these lists and I will be thinking about how to structure the email blast campaign.

I also really, really need to manifest the perfect intern to help me organize all the details. Someone smart, responsible, reliable, internet savvy, fun to work with and willing to stick around through next Spring. If you know who that person is, please let me know!

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about your new book. I’ll be posting the announcement on my blog at and I would very much like to track what you are doing and share with our association. Thank you and if there is any thing I can do to help, let me know.

    Phil Davis
    President, Authors On The Net
    [email protected]

  2. A few years… email blasts… hmm do people even read their email anymore?

    Nice to see you have a blog. You need a social media road map to execute upon. Are you looking to promote via facebook, twitter, blippr, 12seconds, youtube, stumble upon, digg, etc?? and the multitude of other social ecosystems that facilitate WOMA?

    Questions you need to think about. Cheers!

    Rodney Rumford

  3. Hi Arielle,
    I’d be happy to partner with you if you’re interested.
    I’ll have a book coming out at around the same time (Morgan James Publishing) and am doing the full internet launch thing as well.
    Visit my website to see if it resonates with you.
    I’d be happy to send you some info as well, if you like.
    All the best to you and your success,
    Suzann Rye

  4. Arielle — Congratulations on your starting your latest project! Given the high quality of all your past work, I have no doubt you’ll fill all the jv slots on your list and end up with more partners than thought possible.

    The right intern will make all the difference in your productivity and I’m sure everything you need is on the way to you right now!

    Linda M. Lopeke
    The SMARTSTART Coach

  5. Way to go How can I support you.


  6. Way to go How can I support you.

  7. Hi Arielle,

    Congratulations on your book deal! I will look forward to purchasing your book when I get the email blast.

    I am sorry, I don’t know of anyone that I can recommend. I am looking for the same thing. I am sure that you will manifest the perfect person very soon.

    If you are looking for more JV partners, I would love to offer a free Teleseminar ‘Awakening your Divine Soul’ as a gift for your book campaign.

    I am also working on my campaign for the release of my book Awakening the Divine Soul-Finding your Life Purpose, released January 30th with O books (

    I am looking for more JV partners to come on board. I would be honored if you would be interested in being a part of my book launch celebration in early February.


  8. Hello Arielle,
    I love that you are doing this and sharing about the process. Please keep me on your list so I can follow along. Should be out your way again shooting in October. Good Luck! Judy

  9. Arielle,

    Your advice and tips on publicity have been mighty helpful. I got booked on a national radio show last week and have some opportunities for TV interviews. Thank you for sharing your strategies and opening your blog up to us. I set a bold goal of changing a million lives tol help people achieve financial freedom.

    Thank you,
    Jay Peroni, CFP
    Author of The Faith-Based Millionaire

  10. As a student of yours, I will watch your progress with an eagle’s eye.

  11. Hi Arielle,

    Congratulations on your book deal that’s great news. I’m sure you’re excited to begin marketing and promotion. I have no doubt you’ll get to the top of the best seller list in no time. Best of luck with your email blasts and securing your 108 partners. I’m sure they will be excited to work with you and support your message.

    I am a middle school teacher and don’t currently have anyway I can see to help you but I am going to humbly ask for your assistance. I have written an inspirational fiction book called The Greatest Lesson Ever Learned and I am going to be marketing it as an e-book. I am in the process of converting it to PDF and finishing up my website.

    Danielle Dorman edited my book and gave me a great testimonial.

    “The Greatest Lesson Ever Learned is a timeless book that will captivate readers of all ages. On the surface, the story takes us into one man’s struggle to create a life of meaning; yet woven throughout this journey we stumble upon universal truths of power, purpose and peace that are deeply relevant to our own lives. The author, a middle school teacher, draws from his own experience to gift us with the wisdom that can only come through overcoming challenge. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or someone who is committed to affecting social change, the message of this book will resonate.”

    -Danielle Dorman, Integrative Coach and co-author of Essentials Parenting: Becoming the Parent You Want to Be

    I feel a little silly seeking your help seeing that you are so busy with your own endeavors but wanted to ask you for a testimonial. I am happy to send you a copy of the completed manuscript or can send it over in PDF once finished. I can also send you a synopsis if you so desire or anything else to save you time.

    I know you are very busy so I respect your response whatever it be. I live in Laguna Hills and have a sister down in San Diego so please let me know if I can assist you with any logistics in those areas.

    Thanks again for your time and best of luck with your new book.


    Ron McDevitt

  12. Hello! I am wondering where the assistant you are looking for would be working geographically, (city), how many hours a day, and what the pay range would be? I have a couple people in mind, but would need to have these details. Thank you.

    Laura Hunter

  13. Dearest Arielle,

    I am thrilled to hear about your upcoming book and would like to volunteer as one of your 108 partners to help you promote it through email blasts, if you think you might use me. Your sister, Debbie, knows me, so you can ask her if you need more information about me!

    My name is Annette Wernblad. I was live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 1985 I have been teaching, speaking and writing on literature, film, and theatre. I just finished my second book, \"The Passion and the Pain: The Journey Through Darkness in the Films of Martin Scorsese,\" which I am working on getting published (on Debbie\’s advice I sent it to Gideon at Harper One). It is a ground-breaking book which concerns shadow motifs and mythological structures in Scorsese’s films.

    I have an extensive professional platform in Denmark. I own a successful business, Catharsis Copenhagen, where over the past decades I have been leading intensive workshops and seminars on spirituality, mythology, and archetypal psychology in film. I have a faithful online community, and hundreds and hundreds of people subscribe to my weekly Ezine and attend my classes.

    I would so very thrilled to participate in promoting your book.

    If you think I might help or support you in any way, please let me know.


    Annette Wernblad

  14. I really wish you all the success in the world and that you have better luck with your book than Ive had with mines so far ‘ If She Had Only Said Sorry’ and ‘Not By Bread Alone’. But then I suppose if you are well backed and know alot of people there’s no way why it should fail either.
    I will pop in each week to see how youre getting on and maybe learn a thing or two on how its really done heehe..
    cheers from England

  15. Thanks Arielle for this wonderful blog idea!
    This is a perfect learning tool that will be great for novice authors - people like me - about to publish my own first book.
    I hope to follow you through the process and celebrate along with you in publishing early next year. I have read books about publishing and tried to learn through teleseminars. Most of the time I have found the number of things I need to do somewhat overwhelming - but this step by step blog idea is a fabulous concept.
    Thanks again for the willingness to share the details of the many important things you are doing. To me this will be a stimulating goal-based list of things I also need to do!

  16. Arielle, time literally froze for me when I read your request for help. I have been searching for a path that would allow me to get involved and grow with an energetic, highly intellectual group of positive people. Then your request showed up. I can provide you the support you need to move your book and promotion through its journey to success. I have experience as an Advertising Manager of a Business monthly, worked with high-level executives of some of Canada’s major corporations concerning training, operated a Speakers Bureau and most recently took up an interest in writing (I had a few advertorial articles published). I offer you my full support, whatever it takes winning attitude. Could you please provide me an outline of how you see this partnership emerging? Thank you.

  17. Marketing your own book is something wonderful..which i have been dreaming of..will happen some day.So the dream is near.Well go ahead,wish you all the best in the new endeavour. sorry I don\\\’t have a website at present, may be one day i\\\’ll have it. Let me be the person you are looking for.
    With Best Regards

  18. Great suggestions - particularly the “thinking it through” part! You’re at the FOCUS stage of marketing your book. It helps to have a framework that quickly explains your project to others and gives them instructions on how they can get involved. People really like to help others, but you have to make it easy and obvious.

    For each of your four action items, please clarify:
    1. Who is a good prospect
    2. What you want them to do for you
    3. The benefits they’ll receive for doing it
    4. The benefits we’ll receive for connecting you to them. In many cases, warm fuzzies are enough.

  19. I’m very interested in following your blog to see how you market your new book. I wrote a book 2 years ago that I am now trying to market by sending free copies to celebrities in all fields with a follow up letter asking for a few words or sentences of endorsement. The book is called,
    ‘A Reversal of Thought’ and is listed on amazon. com

    So …good luck(but i’m sure you don’t need it)…and I hope to get some great tips from your blog on my 2nd revolution……..

  20. Hi Arielle,

    Congratulations on the deal. I can imagine how thrilled you are!

    And how kind of you to chart your journey for other authors to follow. While it will make excellent PR for you and your book, it should also give the rest of us pointers on what works and warnings of what doesn’t. Fantastic!

    I’ll be particularly interested to learn if these ‘email blasts’ work as it’s something I’ve tentatively looked at myself for the promotion of my suspense thriller ‘What if…?’. Nice to have a guinea pig!

    So, well done again. I bet all those anxieties we all have about getting another year older have just melted away for you and you can’t wait for the New Year and January publication.

    Great stuff,
    Steve N. Lee
    author of suspense thriller ‘What if…?’
    and eco-blog

  21. I have been following you for about two years.

    I remember listening to an audio live about Platforms and Brands online.

    Since then I have developed a brand and am working on my manuscript.

    Made a website with lots of audio and video content for free.

    Getting ready to go for the BIG launch!

  22. Hi Arielle
    I look forward to following the progress on the marketing plan for your new book. Thanks for sharing your plan!

  23. Have you tried the 100 day challenge to market your book
    CCOR (co-creating our reality)
    you might have seen them on Oprah…
    I am member 1446, so it is a grass roots place where the members are highly involved, and there to encourage each other. You will do a daily video blog.

    have always been thankful to have your friendship. Deb Tudor

  24. Congrats on your book! That’s fantastic.

    And I love the way you are putting it out there what you’re doing… and asking for the assistance you need! Way to go.
    Become involved in social networks as mentioned above is a great way to go as well.

    Best wishes for your success!


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