How to Develop, Promote and Market Seminars with Jessie Schwartzburg

Have you ever considered being a professional speaker?

Did you know professionals who speak make up to 40% more?

No matter what your business or job title - financial advisor, real estate professional, consultant, doctor, author, or network marketer - the fastest and easiest way to get new clients and double your income is by producing your own low-cost, high-impact seminars.

Jessie Schwartzburg is a speaker and author consultant and founder of Jessie Schwartzburg Events and Consulting. Most recently, she served as the west coast regional director of The Learning Annex, the largest seminar organization in the world. Jessie has helped thousands of amateur and professional speakers build their careers and has organized countless lecture series, conferences, book signings and speaker tours.

She has had the pleasure of booking and hosting several internationally known authors, speakers and celebrities such as Donald Trump, Naomi Judd, Erin Brockovich, Jenny McCarthy, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra. Jessie Schwartzburg offers advice and marketing strategies guaranteed to dramatically increase your income and success through speaking.

In this information packed hour, seminar expert Jessie Schwartzburg will tell you everything you need to know to promote successful, moneymaking events!

You’ll discover how to:

  • Choose hot speaking topics and titles that sell
  • Package your experience, know-how or ideas into seminars or workshops
  • Design an irresistible promotional piece that will get you booked
  • Find and approach organizations such as conferences, conventions, special events, churches, business associations and seminar companies
  • Choose the best month, day and time for your seminars
  • Double or triple your business with back-of-the-room product sales

Listen to the interview here:


Click here to download the interview with Jessie Schwartzburg.

Let me know what you think of the interview by posting a comment below!


PS - Please check out Jessie’s web site. Jessie put together a special consulting package to create a one-sheet seminar write up including a title, bullet points, bio, pictures and other key elements such as testimonials or press clippings that you might have.

This is absolutely CRITICAL if you want to get booked!

In my opinion, there’s nobody more qualified to prepare you to get booked for speaking engagements than Jessie and she comes with my highest recommendation.

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  1. Thanks Ariel, I enjoyed being able to listen to it live online, that has got to be a first for teleseminars.. not having to use the phone was cool

    It was a very informative call.. keep up those

    I would love to know more about things like

    Copyright in books ( things you can use without permission )
    Writing process ( how to start, organize, pick titles etc )

  2. Very impressive and inspiring.
    Thank you,
    Joe Wolfe

  3. Fantastic interview-Jessie was so generous with her knowledge and I thought the idea of using the subtitle of a best-seller as the title (or inspiration for the title) of a workshop is brilliant. Thanks to both of you.

  4. Your conversation with Jessie Schwartzburg was super interesting. Thank you for your help.

  5. Thanks Jessie,
    You have given me some valuable ideas and information.
    With a series of Fantasy novels to promote your talk has been just what I needed to set me on the right track.
    Thanks again,

  6. thank you:

    Hidden Hurts Revealed: Biography of a Woman, is a life testimonial that has been written with a sole purpose of educating woman and men with the thought and knowledge of allowing hurting women and men who may be the partner of a woman with hurts they can not release, know they are not alone. This peace of information has truly put me closer to my desire to host seminars and workshops with women to educate them in the steps of recovery and acceptance. Thank you Arielle and Jessie, I am so much closer to being able to research organizations which might conduct these kinds of seminars and workshops.

  7. I really enjoyed listening to the interview with Jesie Schwartaburg. And the video information while you and your husband was on your Tahitian vacation to Bora-Bora!
    How can I download it to my memory stick so that I can play it over and over. My home computer is not hooked to the Internet. I am having to listen to all this at the public library.

    I know that everything that I have heard will help me.

    Thank you and keep up the great work you are doing.

    Once again,

    Thank You

  8. (Website will be up within 2 weeks by the way.) Arielle, I just wanted to thank you for inviting Jessie as I thought her information was spectacular! It was clear, simple, concise and it provided me with greatly appreciated clarity on what steps to take next! I wrote down SO MANY awesome ideas! She rocks! I look forward to collaborating with you in the future to give back as I’m receiving so much from you and those collaborating with you. With gratitude, Tina

  9. Hi Arielle. Thanks so much for sharing the the web conference with us. It was truly informative. May doors continue to open for you in all that you do.
    I was trying to go to the website Jessie talked about, for the free one minute video you can put up on the internet. Please send it to me for what I am putting in is not coming up. Thanks. [email protected]