Deal or No Deal?

For the past few nights I have found myself watching the game show Deal Or No Deal. Tonight I figured out which case had the $1,000,000 inside. Somehow I just KNEW it was case #11. How did I know? I don’t have a clue….but I knew. The contestant was down to her final 2 cases when they offered for $530,000 to quit the game. I was rooting for her to take the $530k and take the sure money, even though I KNEW it was case #11. She was certain it was case#18 and she passed on the half a million so she went with her gut feeling and ended up with $5,000 and a free trip to New York. Now, I wasn’t the one standing on the stage, under the glaring lights and cameras and screaming audience. I was sitting on my couch as a bystander and now I”m left wondering…if I were the contestant, would I have trusted by intuition and won a million dollars? Learning to “hear” and “trust” my intuitive voice is what I seek to do. Have any tips to share?

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  1. Hi Arielle, I do have thoughts to share about intuition. Within each one of us is a *still small voice* that we can tap into. From my experience, it’s about getting still and really *listening* to the inside feeling or voice. So the first part to being able to hear that inner voice is to really listen. The tricky part here is that we have a brilliant *other* voice that can rationalize anything.

    The second part is about getting honest, coming clean with yourself, which is not as easy as it sounds. One piece of the puzzle I’ve discovered is that if I think I’ve “arrived” or mastered something, that is a sure sign that I’m about to have a major growth spurt since what ever I think I know is nothing compared to what I still need to know. Somehow finding the balance between confidence and humility opens the channel to tapping in to the truest place of intuition.

    The third piece is acknowledging that there is something Higher at work, some people call it Soul or G.d or Higher Power. So, we are not in this alone.

    Last, the more we listen and practice tapping in, the more we learn to understand what it is that we’re hearing or feeling. Then we just need the strength to take right action!

    You know all this… just wanted to add to the discussion.

    Thank you for all you do and share! I really enjoy learning from you.