Here’s a video from my Tahitian vacation to Bora-Bora!

Last month I took a much-needed vacation to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary and my husband, Brian’s 50th birthday.

My business partner, Mike Koenigs, his wife Vivian, my mom and 8 of our best friends joined us for the cruise of a lifetime to the Tahitian islands and Bora-Bora.

We sailed, snorkeled, learned about black pearls, Tahitian life and enjoyed the pristine beaches and water.

When we arrived in Bora-Bora, Mike said “hey, why don’t we make a video for our friends about building a platform with video!”

Believe it or not, the break from our relaxation and lounging around was just what I needed!
(Brian and Mike’s wife, Vivian, didn’t mind either).

We hopped on the next boat and an hour later, we were on a “motu” (a little island) with Bora Bora right behind us!

I think you’ll really enjoy this video.

You’ll learn a lot about how anyone can use video to build a powerful publishing or speaking platform.

Mike happens to be an expert on using video to get web traffic and his service has submitted over 2.5 MILLION videos over the web so he knows first-hand what works and what doesn’t.

He’s offering a free trial of Traffic Geyser for my friends - it’s an absolutely brilliant tool and very useful for any author, expert or speaker that needs traffic and attention (and that’s all of us!)


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  1. Awesome video. Very interesting.

  2. I’m confused. I watched the entire Traffic Geyser video, went to the website, etc., and it all looks great. Then it dawned on me: people have to already know what to search for. In other words, they’re already searching for Frank Kern, or Mass Control. I am Barbara Smith. I wrote two books, “The Art & Craft of Keepsake Photography” and “Baby Face,” and I invented a process called the Auratone. I sell kits and teach workshops. I have a blog but have done no google adwords or anything at all. Yet if I type in Barbara Smith Auratone, or Barbara Smith Baby Face, my website, my blog, and my books all come up on Google. So why do I need Traffic Geyser???

  3. Hi Barbara - great question.

    What Traffic Geyser would help you do is dominate other keywords that people search for - not just about you.

    I checked out your site and here are some keywords and keyword phrases you list on your site:

    Edward S. Curtis

    What if you created a little video promoting your effect and called it:

    bridal photography effect - the Auratone

    So if someone searches for “bridal photography effect”, you could start dominating other keyword phrases that would start pushing people to your sites.

    The important part of this is you want to dominate keywords that have something to do with you - so searchers find you when they’re looking for ways to solve problems, market more effectively, buy products or whatever.

    You can watch free Traffic Geyser training videos here:

    They’ll show you some of the “secrets” to finding frequently searched for keywords, tips and techniques you can use to get noticed.

  4. I’ve found that shorter videos are better, more effective. I created my own video “channel” right on my site, and gave it its own url: The videos drive a lot of traffic to my site. They’re posted all over the web, as well as on my own site. And by the way, I have a video of my vacation to Tahiti up there, too - it’s just 7 minutes long and you can see the whole island!

  5. I am so glad that I have connected with such a pleasant, helpful and honest group of people. I spent money snf timer from 2001 thrugh 2004 building my platform, but although I learned so very much, the hard work and strange lifestyle online doing so much “myself” left me burnt out. I was not overly successful, and I met a con artist online and he tanked my efforts, pirated my work and tried to blackmail me…. Today I am recovering from a “physical breakdown” caused by that effort and a subsequent car crash. My expertise has changed dramatically and because of your first interview video, your aura transported into my home and sparked hope to step back into the stream. I thank you for your help!