Book Marketing, the never-ending conversation

I am sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport getting ready to fly home to San Diego after the week-long Bob Proctor cruise. The week was filled with speakers – Mark Victor Hansen, my sister, Debbie Ford, Michael & Rickie Beckwith (Michael’s new book, SPIRITUAL LIBERATION comes out 11/11), Mary Manin Morrissey, Peggy McColl, Cynthia Kersey, and many more.

Brian and I attended at the invitation of Peggy Mc Coll and it was a great opportunity to network for new affiliate partners for and

I found several big, new lists to trade and play with, sometimes in the most unlikely places. Twice it happened when I was swimming in the ocean and stopped to talk with someone who was also swimming! (It was a good reminder that when your intentions are clear the Universe delivers in the most unusual ways.)

It seemed like all 2,000 passengers on-board the Eurodam had either written a book, were in the process of writing a book, or at the very least were planning to write a book. Thus, the conversations were 24/7 books.

I had an opportunity to practice my “elevator pitch” for The Soulmate Secret dozens of times. It was great to share my excitement for the book with such a receptive group. As you may know, the book is based on my product at I met 3 people on the cruise who had bought The Soulmate Kit and are now engaged!!! Several owners of were on the cruise and shared with me that they now have published books.

Peggy McColl (Reigning Queen of internet book marketing shared, during her talk, some amazing success stories of self-published authors who not only got their books to the top of the internet bestsellers lists but also found agents AND publishers and one even got a seven-figure deal!!! (a first-time novelist) She also had statistics on the fact that over 200 million Americans are on the internet and shared numbers about the gazillions of websites that exist. It was all very inspiring and an excellent reminder that there is still unlimited potential to grow a platform via internet marketing.

The week was also a juicy reminder about the power of positive thinking, right action and clear intentions….in spite of some seriously bad economic news, this crowd was fired up and planning to have a prosperous 2009. Seeing so many focused people living their life with purpose and a sense of mission was a lot of fun. For the authors onboard who were hoping to connect with well-known experts to ask them for blurbs, I witnessed many of them asking and receiving blurbs. The lesson here is clear. Writing may be a solitary practice but the marketing part is really enlivened when you are with other people.

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  1. Excellent points. Book marketing is a long-term process, and I think having a positive attitude and being fired up about your book are the two key steps to success - especially in a down economy.

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