Asking your friends for help!

Now that I have sent the intention to have 108 email partners for the launch of The Soulmate Secret, I have been actively asking everyone I talk to if they have a list AND if they would like to participate. Luckily the responses have been very positive and I now have 77 people on this list. One of my BIG dreams for this book has been to create a little animated video (that will go out virally) that tells a story and incorporates the book title at the end. I have written a 90 second script and will now begin the process of creating the story board. Once that is done I will find help making it a reality in animation with music and everything!

My publisher has asked me to send out a bound copy of the manuscript to some “big name” authors for endorsements….those went out this week. I am so grateful to Marianne Williamson who has agreed already! She has been a loving and generous friend since 1985. As I mentioned in my last posting, a few weeks ago I set the intention to find a college intern to help me manage the many details related to marketing the book. Well, we went to dinner last week at our favorite sushi bar and discovered that our server is a marketing major at a local University.¬† She has been doing a marketing internship all summer long, that will soon end, so I told her to google me and if she was interested in interning for me to send an email, which she did. We are meeting for lunch in a few days to find out if she is “the one.”

Having  strong intentions and being willing to speak up and ask for what you need are things every good book marketer needs!

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