Dear Spiritual Cinema Circle Affiliate,

Due to the contract between the film Conversations with God and Fox Home Entertainment, the Circle is unable to offer the “Free Trial Membership” for the month of February. We have come up with a bonus item that we feel will work just as well:

During the month of February new subscribers to The Circle will receive CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD compilation plus an additional special bonus DVD (they pay a nominal shipping fee), SOULMATES, which features 6 short films about the magic of relationships and the healing ability of an open heart. That’s a total of 10 great independent films.

Again, the Free Trial membership will not be available during the month of February. Please click here to receive the suggested affiliate email blast copy:

If you missed the teleconference last week with Neale Donald Walsch, join Arielle Ford for an intimate conversation with Neale Donald Walsch as he discusses:

  • What it feels like to see himself portrayed on the big screen
  • How much of the film is his real, true story?
  • How Neale became homeless?
  • What messages about homelessness Neale hopes the movie conveys
  • His thoughts about the important role Spiritual Cinema Circle plays
  • Is Neale still talking to God?



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