SoftSell Marketing with Judith and Jim - Replay

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Here are just a few of the topics we discussed on this call:

  • What makes you a SOFT SELL MARKETER and why your BIG HEART has been in your way
  • The #1 reason you have difficulty with sales and marketing - and how SPIRITUAL TRUTH will set you free
  • What you need to understand about Soft Sell Marketing that will TAKE YOUR SALES from one-time to life-time!
  • The greatest secret to writing persuasive soft sell sales copy (You'll BLUSH when you find out!)
  • 3 reasons why soft-sell marketing is more powerful than hard-sell marketing
  • How to integrate soft selling and DOUBLE YOUR SALES ... even if you're a already successful hard-sell marketer
  • The secret to making your "big heart" a "MONEY MAGNET" ... instead of a "money repeller"
  • How Judith and Jim TRIPLED their income with heart-based spiritual marketing and WHY it's so POWERFULLY motivating to your prospects
  • Why the Soft Sell Community IS NOW DESTINED to influence THE FUTURE of Internet Marketing
  • AND why FOR YOU - it's THE PERFECT TIME to create major success as a SPIRITUALLY-GROUNDED Internet marketer (Find out what you need to do to make it happen!)


Are you interested in learning more about Soft-Sell Marketing? My business partner, Mike Koenigs, will be speaking at Judith and Jim's event in Los Angeles February 22nd-24th (mike speaks on the 24th).

Here's some info about Mike and what he'll be speaking about. For more information, go here.

Michael Koenigs
The Video Advantage: Sell With Authenticity and Integrity Using Video

Mike Koenigs is perhaps best known as the marketing genius who brought Internet Infomercials to the web and co-creator of Traffic Geyser, a service that distributes Internet videos to over 35 top search engines with the click of a button.

As a marketing consultant for several Fortune 500 companies including 20th Century Fox, Sony, and Mazda, Mike has developed some of the most innovative strategies in Internet marketing, including the use of video to drive soft sell marketing campaigns.

If you're looking for a simple but innovative way to build trust, simulate face-to-face relationships, and create loyal customers, you won't want to miss this opportunity to attend Mike's segment, The Video Advantage: Persuade, Build Rapport, and Sell With Authority and Integrity Using Video.

Mike will introduce you to the power of Internet video, his own secret tool that he credits with the very lucrative success of 30 of his own Internet products. And he'll show you how simple it is to use this tool to either supplement or replace the traditional sales page.

Soon you will learn that in the time it takes to attend Mike's segment, you can create and post a magnificent, traffic-driving video to your own site!


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